Already Sailing

  • So you know your mizzen from your bowsprit, your shackle from your swizzlestick and it's time to get more practice on the water. There are a few ways to do this (check the calendar for dates) : 2019 will see the return of our popular Friday Night sailing session when we have help and advice on hand for those looking to improve their skills and the patrol boat on the water for assistance. As well as gaining experience out on the water, you can also learn the basics of racing if that's what you fancy.
  • We have 3 RS Teras, 2 Fevas and a Vision for use by Club Members (see Handbook for booking instructions).
  • Join us on our racing programme - there is probably no better way to hone your skills than pitting yourself against the other club members! Within any race you will find sailors at all levels, racing all manner of dinghies so whatever your level you will gain valuable sailing experience. Feel free to come up at any of the events and have a chat with the sailors you find there.
  • Join us for one of the Family Days or occasional events - these are to help anyone back on the water and often include games and fun competitions.

You may already have a dinghy of your own or be in the market for one. There is a wide second-hand market for dinghies, but before you buy you need to consider if you want a single-hander or something a little larger that will take a crew. Boats also come with different handling capabilities and speeds (a good indicator is the Portsmouth Yard Stick (look for the PN list in the table) - the lower the number, the faster the boat. A good way to get a clearer picture is come up to the club sometime and have a chat with a friendly sailor, or leave a note on the bulletin board.