Youth Racing Events

Youth Open Racing Events

Once you have mastered the basics of sailing and have a brief understanding of the rights of way, youth open racing is an excellent way of improving your skills, against other youth sailors either in a mixed class or against against others in the same class of dinghy as you. There are many open events organised each year within easy travelling distance and further afield. Class specific tips and sailing advice can often be picked up chatting other entrants or watching their techniques as they pass you on the water.

How far and how seriously you may wish to progress is entirely your own choice. Previous members at Craven Sailing Club have gone on to acheive National and International honours whilst others have continued to enjoy racing at club level or socially.

If you are interested and want to know more, many of our members can help with advice or point you towards sombody who can.

Youth Sailing Events

Many youth sailing events are held each year at venues throughout the region and the UK. The competition level for these events varies from casual to serious with events available to suit all levels of sailor (many major events run 'regatta' races aimed at those who are new to the sport) with many young sailors aspiring to olympic dreams. If you are unsure about attending open racing events, have a chat with others in the clubhouse who may be able to give you some help and advice - or point you in the direction of somebody who can.

This series has been running for many years. Events are held throughout Yorkshire and Humberside at venues as close as Ripon and Yorkshire Dales Sailing Clubs to venues further afield such as Beaver (Goole) and Rotherham Sailing clubs. Most classes of boats are welcome at these events and fleets usually inclues Oppies, Toppers, Teras, Fevas and Lasers.

The Yorkshire and Humberside Youth Sailing Association is currently organised with the National Youth Sailing Association and has recently appointed an NSSA liaison officer who will help organise youth attendace to their national regatta (usually held in the first weeks of the school summer holidays) and also promote other NSSA events being organised.

Similar to the Yorkshire and Humberside Youth Sailing Association, but as the the name suggests - further North, although some venues are doubled up and are used for both series.

As well as being a good introduction to the Topper youth circuit in the North West, open coaching is also available for those who wish to improve their racing skills.

Being an RYA development pathway class, the Topper is a very active class of dinghy for young sailors with competitive races held thoughout the country during the winter as well as the summer. Age restrictions aren't present for taking part in these events although most competitors are under the age of 16. Some of the competiions in these series are qualification events for National and Zone squads which provide high quality coaching for those who qualify. Both the National and Zone squads have upper age limits. Details of events can be found on the class association website and the RYA website.

Tera Events

Whist not as large a class as the Topper, the Tera is growing in popularity with increasing numbers of young sailors and competitions each year. Tera North is the first stop for details of open events and open coaching in the North of England and national events for the Tera can be found on the class association website along with other race coaching events.

RS Feva

The RS Feva is a double handed development class dinghy which is ideal for two larger children who wish to compete in the same boat. Having both a jib and a spinnaker, this dinghy ensures that both helm and crew are kept active and engaged.

Like the topper, the Feva is also a development class dinghy for which higher level training and competitions are available for those who wish to compete at a higher level. Further details can be found on the class association website and also the RYA website.

What Next?

What Class of Dinghy should I sail when I have outgrown my first boat?

The Topper, Tera and Feva are classes of dinghy which provide a good route into racing with coaching and racing events around the UK. Unfortuately we all grow up and at some point have to move onto another class of dinghy which is more suited to our needs and aspirations.

If you still have Olympic dreams and wish to be in one of the transition squads (if you do well enough in National qualifying events), you will need to make the decision on your next boat around the age of 14! Do you want to continue in a single handed boat - if so then the Laser Radial is the next step. If you wish to sail in a double handed boat as helm or crew then it's either a 420 or 29er depending on whether you will be using an asymmetrical or symmetrical spinnaker.

If you no longer have aspirations of being that olympic sailor, the choice of dinghy has opened up and the best course of action is to discuss options with others depending on what kind of sailing, and also what type of dinghy you wish to sail.

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